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BE University’s Hot Yoga Teacher Training provides a first step to a journey of exploration and fulfillment. If you have a passion for yoga and an interest in guiding others on their journey, then you are ready and qualified to become the instructor you envision, regardless of whether you started practicing two weeks ago or 10 years ago.  Learn to cultivate a more vital community through yoga.


We believe that the incredible benefit of teaching is, taking  your practice to a completely different level, a level that we can’t take you to unless we train you to teach.   When you teach you are constantly studying all aspects of yourself so you can transmit this information to your students.


BE University’s Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Teacher Certification Program is unique in that it is exceptionally practical – we teach people how to TEACH yoga, not just the poses. Our training is spread out over an eight week period, letting students digest and apply what they’ve learned, allowing them to live the process.


For years, Sheila  has been teaching teachers to teach even after they come from a teacher training program.  Teaching is not just about knowing how to teach a posture, it’s a lot more than that.


Sheila is originally from Northeast India, born near Darjeeling at the foothills of the Himalayas, the birthplace of yoga.  She has a passion for sharing the gift of yoga, her culture and heritage.  She has taught classical hatha yoga and Indian Temple dance in both the U.S. and abroad.


Hot Yoga Teacher Training Highlights:



Shift from student to teacher through self-exploration and transformation

Redefine your posture’s edge

Apply the principles of yoga to your life



Join a community that shares your passion for yoga

Awaken the teacher within

Build confidence leading a group



Manageable program schedule that allows you to live your normal life.

Eight-week course with general schedule: Saturday and Sunday full immersion into yoga, with flexible, self-directed course work and practice during the week .

 A sample day (weekends):

8:00 am  Meditation

8:15 am 90 Minute Class

10:00 am Lectures And Clinics

12:00 pm 1 Hour Lunch Break

1:00 pm Art Of Teaching, Assisting

3:00 pm Art Of Practice

5:30 pm 90 Minute Class

7:00 pm Review/Homework



Along with learning to teach the entire Hot Yoga series, you will be able to immerse yourself in an all-encompassing exploration of yoga: Journey deeper toward self-exploration and transformation.

Learn the skills of phenomenal teaching – language, connection, and service.

Understand the fundamentals of yoga postures – breath, neutral alignment, human and energetic anatomy.

Explore Yoga philosophy, history and culture.

BE University offers one of the most affordable teacher training programs in the country.





BE HOT University’s Instructor Training and Teacher Certification includes anatomy study, video review, posture specific clinics, plenty of opportunities to practice and teach classes, and more for a comprehensive experience. Our distinctive offering allows you to take your practice to a new level, provides a broad understanding of asana mechanics, and explores the deeper mental, physical and spiritual side not covered in individual classes.


Part of your hands-on training will spark your true understanding of asana, transforming your teaching, your assisting, and your practice. You will learn concrete skills for safe, effective hands-on assisting, and you will experience principles of alignment with a deepened awareness which will allow you to fully understand any pose.


“Each asana (posture) is about perfect firmness of body, steadiness of intellect, and benevolence of spirit.” – B.K.S. IYENGAR


Our Yoga Teacher Training programs change peoples’ lives – it’s an emotional experience, dramatically empowering, career enhancing and life altering. BE University graduates are strong, powerful and ready to lead.


“You’re a warrior.  You’re Strong.  You can conquer anything.” is a favorite expression of Sheila Ilias Brown, and the cornerstone of BE HOT.  Our Purpose is to empower people of all ages and levels of physical ability to ‘Thrive’ in their health and lives in a clean, comfortable, safe and friendly environment.


BE HOT Yoga’s signature classes are a blend of teachings from the classical Hatha Yoga traditions with an emphasis on thoughtful sequencing. 


Our yoga is a practical, detoxifying full body workout that centers the mind and body.  BE HOT Yoga’s Foundational series is tremendously effective for both prehab and rehab, geared towards addressing modern issues like spinal and hip strengthening and rehabilitation, releasing neck pain from computer usage and neutralizing the stress of a hectically paced day.


*This is your time, call the Studio to find out about our scholarship programs and tuition options.


To get started, please call or email Jt Brown and he will get contact you within 24 hours to discuss your particular situation.  435.225.6529 or  

We are committed to working with your individual financial situation to ensure your presence in this program and have flexible tuition options.  

   “I teach because it completes the circle of community, it allows me to merge with something greater than my self.  It fulfills that sometimes elusive paradox and we can only keep what we have by giving it away.”