Our Philosophy is that Hatha Yoga practiced in therapeutic heat is the most beneficial physical and mental workout available.

Regardless of age, physical condition or limitations, everyone can benefit from Hot Yoga. Traditionally, in India, Hatha Yoga was taught to children for physical and mental development, utilized by adults for therapeutic purposes, and practiced regularly by the elderly after retirement for health and fitness.


In spite of the mythological foundation of yoga, Hatha Yoga is technically scientific and medically therapeutic for a wide range of maladies.  Clinical studies have been, and continue to be, conducted around the world on the therapeutic workout pokies benefits of Hatha Yoga, for a wide variety of chronic illnesses such as depression, back pain, hip and joint injuries, asthma, diabetes and many other health conditions.  Moreover Hatha Yoga is a science developed to keep body and mind healthy, lean and strong.

It is our mission to spread the benefits of yoga all and communicate through the community of teachers and students to build and enhance a health conscious way of living in each family.

To honor this commitment 10% of our net proceeds will go into family and community strengthening projects.  Please see updates for projects that your patronage supports.