BE Yoga Corporate Wellness Program

BE Yoga Corporate Wellness Program:
In the high-pressure environment of the American business place, yoga stress relief programs are becoming as common as coffee machines in the office setting. The relationship between yoga and stress reduction has become well-established with proven, researched benefits to the cardio, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

The trend in corporate yoga has become prevalent in the last 25 years as more and more companies have turned to organized wellness programs in an effort to lower their employee health care costs. The list of corporate entities that offer regular yoga sessions to their employees or yoga sessions during corporate retreats include: MTV Networks, IBM, AT&T, Nike, HBO, Forbes, Apple, PepsiCo, General Electric, and Chase Manhattan Bank.

What Added Benefits Does Corporate Yoga Carry?
Corporations that make yoga part of their company policy find that they have healthier employees who take fewer sick days.  The yoga sessions contribute to a sense of team building. Consequently team productivity increases with employees exhibiting better morale and stronger camaraderie. All of these factors add to an overall reduction of stress in the office. Among other benefits related to yoga, creativity at work, better mental clarity and improved focus are all mentioned.

What Is The Costs Involved For The Corporation/Business?
Although rates vary from $79-130/mo. throughout Utah, BE Yoga makes is very affordable  for companies make to yoga accessible to their employees.    Any business with two or more full time employees may have access to the following:

  1. One Free Week of  Hot Yoga
  2. $99 – 20 Class Card
  3. $39/mo. – Unlimited 12 Monthly Auto Membership
  4. $399/yr. –  Unlimited Annual Membership

These rates represent a 20-100% off of our membership amounts and 50-100% off  of yoga rates statewide.  We have three playment options:

  1. Employer (Invoice)
  2. Employee and Employer
  3. Employee

Please contact the Studio @ 435.225.6529 for more information.

After Summer 2011 we will be offering yoga classes on location.  The corporate entity will need to provide a warm, open space with adequate room for movement.   Boardrooms, large meeting rooms, lobbies (normally after business hours), or even roof top decks can be utilized. Yoga instructors working in the corporate environment will be prepared to give sessions early in the morning, during lunch, or after hours.

Do Workplace Stress And Yoga Sessions Carry Obvious Results?
Testimonials from various entities conducting yoga in business settings speak to the effectiveness of corporate yoga and yoga stress relief. The sessions “set my staff on fire,” said one executive while another pointed to yoga as “the best Buy Tramadol way to combat stress and re-energize.” Many offices that had interpersonal problems with stressful interactions of employees found that group yoga sessions created the sense of community previously lacking in their workplace and additionally engendered a sense of teamwork where none had existed before.

Many proponents of corporate yoga offerings link a reduction of workplace stress and yoga sessions. As one participant in a corporate program expressed it, “Having [yoga] in our workplace has made a world of difference. I didn’t realize how little I stretched in my daily life and how this led to cramping and stiffness in my neck and back, especially when I’m on the computer. I am more in touch with my posture and breath, and try not to hold my shoulders up when I am tense.

What Do Employees Say About Yoga?
More than anything else employees cite the benefit of yoga for stress management.
A bank employee reported that the exercises, “help me find the long-lost tranquility for my mind and body” while a busy office manager said, “I feel less stressed and [it] is giving me a sense of peace and an appreciation for my inner self.”

Edie Weiner, president of Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc., a New York trend analysis firm told Nancy Wolfson of the online Yoga Journal (in the article “Incorporating Yoga”), “Whether or not studies have actually proven that productivity is up and health care costs are down, anecdotally, the evidence that it works is overwhelming.

Companies understand you have to address employees’ health and well-being. Employees need time to relax, and a lot of people are gravitating towards yoga as a way to manage stress.”

In the same article, HBO fitness director Bill Boyle said, “Everybody is under more stress now, and has to perform better, and work more hours per day. Yoga gives them a chance to take it all in stride . . . The deep breathing and relaxation employees get from yoga help them to be more focused and less anxious.  When they go back to work, they’re in a position to make better decisions.  You don’t want people making business decisions when they’re stressed.”

The correlation between a routine of yoga and stress relief has not gone unrecognized in the corporate setting as a positive business strategy.  In providing their employees with organized sessions of yoga, stress relief has moved to the forefront of business thinking which not only creates happier employees but a safer, more productive work place.