About Us


beyoga© began with the vision of two individuals that discovered personally the astounding effect of hot yoga.  This began their passion of sharing this gift of health.  Much research and clinical studies have been, and continue to be conducted around the world on the therapeutic benefits of Hatha Yoga.

Our focus is on yoga as a science and therapy for transforming the physique and strengthening and stilling the mind. Collectively we hope to communicate the benefits of yoga are limitless and make them accessible to all.

We chose St. George, because we love the family community and the health conscious environment.  We have a long family lineage in here, starting with Jane Johnston Black, a founding member of St. George, my (three) greats-grandmother who was a midwife to over “3,000 documented births…she never lost a single mother or child!”   We are excited to bring Hot Yoga here and share this amazing gift of health.

As we grow here locally, beyoga©, through compassionate teachers and an awesome, devoted yoga community, we will together transform physiques and lives…one sweaty yoga class at a time!

beyoga© Founders:

Hot Yoga teacher, Moksha Yoga and Bikram Yoga

Sheila Ilias Brown, co-Founded and created the different series of postures for each  beyoga© class.  She was born in Northeast India, now Bangladesh near the Himalayas, where yoga is part of the population’s every day life and culture.  From childhood she practiced various forms of yoga, but it was when she moved to the U.S. that she started with Hot Yoga.  In practicing this form of high intensity yoga in therapeutic heat she experienced such phenomenal changes in a short period of time and she decided to become a certified Hot Yoga  instructor and share this gift.  Sheila has been lead teacher at Bikram Yoga Southwest and Moksha Yoga Las Vegas, two of the nations largest yoga studios.

Sheila’s (pronounced Shyy-la) family moved from India to Frankfurt am Main, Germany where she attended Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University.  It was there she graduated from Law School and worked as an Attorney and Business Development Manger for Innovative Software A.G. in Germany, United Kingdom and France.  She is fluent in eight languages, including French, Italian, German, Sanskrit and Hindi.

Since age five, she has had a passion for yoga, dance and the performing arts.  As a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher of yoga, Jazz, Ballet, Oriental Dance, Salsa, Classical Indian (a statuesque dance form which includes stage technique and entails diverse breathing techniques and a multitude of poses that derived directly from yoga).   Because of her desire to share this passion for dance and yoga, she began teaching/instructing at 20. She says that yoga was vital in keeping her in impeccable physical condition and rehabilitating any injuries.

Sheila trained extensively in Jazz and Ballet by Barnshaw–Shaw from The Royal Ballet (Great Britain) and Classical Indian Temple Dance by Guruji Mayadhar Raut (India), Madhumita Raut (India) and Christine Kreh – Laino (Germany), before studying Volume Pills Oriental Dance, Hot Yoga and Salsa Dance (USA).  She has been an international award winning dancer, instructor and choreographer for the past 17 years.  She has also been fortunate to training with Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson (founder of Moksha Hot Yoga), Bikram Choudhury (creator of Bikram Yoga).  Sheila feels an immense amount of gratitude to her teachers.

Even though she maintained a busy schedule with studies and work, she always found time to teach and share her love of yoga. She works to support beginners as well as more experienced students with finding strength and wellness through their yoga practice.   Her love of yoga is infectious and can be felt in each and every class she teaches.








Jt Brown, Marketing Director of beyoga©, Bikram Yoga Los Angeles, Covina, Vegas Hot! Yoga and Pilates, Dr. Lean, and several other companies.  He was born in Pasadena, CA and grew up in a large family of several doctors in environment that encouraged health.  At 15, Jt graduated High School with honors.  After several anatomy and physiology courses, he decided to verve off the doctor path and began fashion design and photography studies.  As a professional fashion and fine arts photographer, he was featured in numerous magazines, publications, and galleries. He graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Foothill College at 19 and then attended Oxford University’s Green College. Jt has spent the last five years in consulting and business development. 

Alongside his academia, Jt was a cross country runner from 13-16, yet he had to stop due to multiple knee injuries.  At 16, he took-up a strict body building routine and trained at the gym with several top fitness models.  “I found a new challenge and developed my physique; nevertheless I suffered a shoulder and lower-back injury that took years to rehab.”  “I had muscularity, but lacked  true strength and the synergy of the body working together in perfect harmony as our Creator intended.”   Jt found many popular forms of exercise to be subtractive from joints and vitality, and not lead to real health and well being.  “A strong mind belongs in a strong body.”  Jt went on to Certify in Ashtonga/Vinyasa, Pilates and Russian Kettlebells.  

“In the West, most people want to look good first and feel good second…I found myself on this road,” he says.  A friend invited him to his first Hot Yoga class, were he experienced wonderful changes and dramatic increases of strength both physically and mentally.  He found Yoga to be an awesome way to condition and was able to fully rehab his old injuries.

“Now I feel amazing…looking better than ever is just a bonus!”  Jt says that he finally found a form of exercise he can practice for optimum health, strength and cardiovascular.  “I love sharing the gift of  yoga and experienced firsthand, transformational effects of soundness in all aspects of my health.”